45 years of creating impact!


45 years of serving our customers. 45 years of commitment with operational excellence. 45 years of effort and perseverance. 

What started off as a small set-up in a 500 sq ft room in a rented building, now has a global footprint across 8 countries and a diverse work-family from 28 different nationalities. In all these years that have passed, Descon has seen it all – successes and failures, high places and lows, celebrations and crises, everything. To quote Mr. Razak Dawood, “Descon has faced every conceivable problem in its journey”. But the one thing the company has never done, is accept “defeat”. This is what Descon stands for.

Descon remains committed to continue its journey towards achieving its Vision, keeping the core values as its guiding principles for everything it does.