Celebration of One Million LTI-Free Manhours by EPC


It is a pleasure to share a remarkable milestone achieved by our diligent workforce at the Package 1 Project in Asab & Sahil. On September 22, 2023, we reached an extraordinary feat: One Million LTI-Free Construction Manhours! The project “Procurement & Construction of Flowlines and Wellhead Installations at Asab & Sahil, Package 1 Part 2” commenced in April 2021, with on-site construction kick-off in September 2022.

To celebrate this accomplishment and acknowledge the dedication and commitment of our workforce, an Award Ceremony was organized by the EPC team. Noteworthy figures comprising Descon Engineering’s Chief HSE Officer Mr. Steven Platts, ADNOC PM Mr. Abdallah Abuobayda, and ADNOC Sr. HSE Engineer Mr. Sirajudeen Sulaiman addressed the audience, commending the team for their outstanding performance and stressing the importance of maintaining our unwavering commitment to completing the project safely, without any Lost Time Incidents (LTI).

This achievement stands as a testament to our collective efforts and unwavering dedication to safety and excellence. Let's continue to work together, maintaining our high standards and commitment to a safe working environment as we progress toward the successful completion of our project.