Alumni Ideology


The concept of Corporate Alumni is growing fast the world over and has given many avenues of progress to not only organizations but also the alumni. In today’s world, networks and connections are very valuable. Globalization has at one end, extended businesses over vast distances but at the same time social media as well as the various online sources have made communication easier.

The Descon Alumni Initiative started with the thought of reconnecting with all the ex Desconians who have worked with the organization over the years. A progressive organization like Descon always values its human resource, be it past or present, as they are the ones who provide the soul in all projects undertaken. This thought led to the creation of The Descon Alumni Association; a platform for making this connection possible.

By keeping the Descon Alumni updated about Descon via emails and newsletters etc. and at the same time keeping Descon updated about the alumni via a webpage where the alum can register and update their information, we aim to provide a two way communication that will ensure that even after leaving Descon, our ex team members stay connected with the organization.